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Matt Lemire Senior — Townsend, Mass.

Umass Plano Dating

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Modern green technologies for cleaning polluted soils by phytomediation, movement of heavy metals in the plant and their morphological structure, pollution caused by industrial processes, and reclamation-remediation issues.

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Work Completed: Developed protocol for Cesium measurement using gamma counter. March 18th, Honors Thesis: Riparian soil retention and sediment and dissolved transport of toxic metals in the Thames River Watershed, Connecticut.

Group members

Mistikawy J. Submitted to Environmental Geochemistry and Health. Project title: Application of Ca, Mg, and K stable isotopes to constrain nutrient budgets following forest regeneration. Undergraduate Researchers.

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Hometown: Marcellus, New York. Project title: Manganese provenance and transport across diverse geologic surfaces of Massachusetts.

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Accepted for publication in Journal of Soils and Sediments. Project title: Effects of organic horizons on enhanced macro and micro nutrient dissolution across northeastern US forest soils.

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Lab Alumni. Analyzed hundreds of samples for Hg concentrations.

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Doctoral thesis of focused on Phytomitigation of heavy metals in soils polluted regions of Georgia Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Chiatura and others. Project title: Toxic and essential trace element uptake by herbs Amaranthus spp.

Student health benefit plan (shbp)

Environmental Sciences, Spring Project: Assisting analytical chemistry and geochemistry field measurements. Photo: LeAnn in a marsh land in eastern California basin.

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Research interests: Heavy metals in soils, water, food products, and atmospheric air across Georgia. Visiting Researchers.

Nehc press release

Current projects for her Fulbright: 1. Work completed: Richardson J. Work completed: Marek R. Picture Gallery Publications Research Teaching.

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Project title: Transfer of nutrient and toxic elements Lafayette LA expat dating soils to vitis vinifera to wines in diverse climates. January 8th, Sampled rocks and river water samples to determine dissolution and transport of trace metals from sulfidic schists in Fitchburg Complex of Central Massachusetts.

Recent Posts Welcome Alexandrea Rice to the lab!

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Laboratory study of trace metal As, Cd, Pb phytoaccumulation by six common spice plants. Scientific Interests: Ecological preservation, natural resource economics, and geochemistry.

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Search for:. Project title: Developing and applying portable X-ray technology to urban forest soils and gardens.

Group members

Jordan J. Geosciences — Dr. Justin B. Group Members. Marek R. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition. Richardson J. Submitted to Science of the Total Environment. Graduate Student Researchers. Principal Investigator.