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Visiting Santa Cruz County is more affordable than ever. The legendary Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is always admission free. Enjoy a self-guided free walking tour of this historic seaside gem.

Looking For Santa Cruz Of Legends Friends

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To report your match score, visit your IMLeagues .

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Score Reporting All participants are responsible for scheduling, participating, and reporting of each scheduled match with their opponent according to their IMLeagues. All participants will have one week from the established game date to complete the ased match with their ased opponents and report their scores on IMLeagues. This includes intentionally throwing a game or any other form of standings and seeding manipulation.

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Click on your relevant entry. Please contact the Intramural Sports staff to discuss positive changes to enhance play.

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All participants are encouraged to report these occurrences to imsup ucsc. Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are not permitted during remote or in-person participation with Intramural Sports esports programming.

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Collusion - Any participant s suspected of colluding may be immediately forfeited out of the league or tournament. If discrepancies arise, please contact imsup ucsc. Staff Toolbox.

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Prior to the match, captains should connect via the Intramural Sports Discord and add each other as friends in order to play the match. All players must have Visalia CA guys dating white girls valid, original UC Santa Cruz or state-issued photo identification to participate. Facility All games will be played remotely via gaming console and online, or in-person at an established location to be determined by Intramural Sports professional staff.

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Both captains of each match are required to report game and match scoring. If anything occurs within the game that in unforeseen consequences e.

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Each match-up will consist of 1 game. All participants are encouraged to take photos of each game screen for documentation in case it is required for review.

League of legends rules

Equipment If remote participation, all participants are required to have their own gaming console and have the most up-to-date League of Legends application downloaded. Any game interrupted by external, impartial conditions eg.

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Last modified: September 18, UC Santa Cruz. The Home team is required to host.

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In this situation, players should inform Intramural Sports staff via imsup ucsc.