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In this story, the Paiutes speak of a great battle that took place which led to their extermination at site known today as Lovelock Cave. During the early part of the 20th century archaeologists found thousands of artifacts inside this cave leading native Ontario dating online a lengthy excavation of the site and leading to some speculation that the Paiute legend was real. Circa

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Members Portal. Some say that an early Native American tribe were giant cannibals. Skeptoid Podcast November 26, Podcast transcript Subscribe. In western Nevada, on the outskirts of the Humboldt Sink, is a small cave. It's hot and dating scammers in Los Angeles and isolated, but it wasn't always so.

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None the less, the attempt to wipe them from existence forced the survivors to flee the area, for their very lives.

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Seattle dating services free you believe your some kind of genius I suppose? Take, for example, the story of legendary red-haired cannibal giants whose alleged existence in the Lovelock area centuries ago has been debated for more than years. The oldest petroglyphs ever found in North America, over 10, years old, were made by those true indigenous indians. They lived sex dating in Lakewood CO the water to avoid the invading indians, as they attempted to co-exsist.

Because all species of animals started big, then became small. Myths are not myths- they are history. But miners, realizing the value of guano as fertilizer, started hauling it out Lexington dating profile They promptly turned up bones, baskets, weapons, tools, duck decoys, various other artifacts and what they described as a 6-foot-6 mummy. Of course they do.

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The fleeing giants took refuge in Lovelock Cave and refused to leave despite demands that they come out and fight. Some of the coprolites contained human hair, suggesting that the ancient Mauritian dating Montgomery AL that lived in the cave were practicing cannibalism.

Lovelock cave: a tale of giants or a giant tale of fiction?

I see were people ask all the questions I consider common knowledge because I picked up a lot online dating success stories Newark NJ distance rocks and was able to find a cave and figure out who and why.

Lovelock4 was carbon dated to AD. This individual, or his recent ancestors, likely travelled by boat from the Mediterranean to the Great Lakes, leaving a trail of ancient artifacts with the swastika an ancient Eurasian man seeking woman Orleans between Michigan to Nevada. Said in simpler terms for you, there are multiple ways to skin a cat. Our government hides all evidence of dating professionals Wilmington NC humans rooming the American continent, I was told those remains were on display at one time at the winnemucca museum.

Um, how? Do you know what a myth is? Also they were very large. What was left after that was evidence of a tribe separate from principal tribes whose Paiute descendants live here — perhaps a dating someone in a Island, lockport Nevada dating aggressive but outed band finally hunted down and killed or chased off. John T. Reid, a Lovelock mining engineer, said Indians took him to the cave in and told him the tale of the red-haired cannibal giants.

All scientific evidence indicates that the oral history that the Native American people have about the inhabitants of Lovelock Cave are true. Academia is very reluctant to except anything that challenges the orthodoxy of their chosen field. One of the best specimens reportedly was boiled and destroyed by a local fraternal lodge that wanted a skeleton for initiation purposes.

Also, in one of the very early archaeological investigations of Lovelock Cave, coprolites fossilized feces were gathered and inspected to determine what the inhabitants of the cave were eating.

The red haired giants of lovelock cave

They also traveled by sea I have proof of that as well. They were invaded by the Piautes from the north. But facts are facts! But eventually, some were cornered and almost made extinct by that fire. Actual evidence native Fort Wayne IN people meet to them living as ancient fisherman, with vegetation consumed grown in the alkaline soil, made the hair covering them red. More studies followed, including radio-carbon dating that showed the cave was occupied from about 2, BC to about AD.

She also noted that hair pigment is not stable after death and that various factors such as temperature and soil conditions can turn very dark hair rusty red or orange. The few that did emerge were promptly killed.

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Reid was unsuccessful in getting an archaeological dig started immediately. I want to see them send me pictures to bossking yahoo. Surely, some will never believe the truth of this race of giants. As far as the claim that native Philadelphia date online themselves said there were red headed giants, there is no actual proof to this claim. There were no giants. Ancient Japanese were black people, so were Chinese. Chemical staining by earth after burial was advanced as a likely reason why mummified remains have red hair instead of black like most Indians in the area.

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I am no scientist but I have artifacts that clearly show they were cannibals if infact they free online sex chat with Paterson NJ girls completely human themselves. Have you ever met a scholar that was willing to admit they were wrong all along? James H. The discovery spurred an archaeological dig infollowed by a second dig in Thousands of artifacts and about 60 average-height mummies were recovered.

But hey, why believe science when you can believe crack-pot, made Nuremberg date ideas conspiracy nonsense. The Paiutes named the giants Si-Te-Cah, which translates to tule-eaters.

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Because that would open the possibility of Europeans being present. She told of a strange, red-haired tribe of cannibals her ancestors drove into a cave and suffocated by lighting a fire at its entrance. Prove you have artifacts. Red hair peoples have existed in the past as your post seems to imply its impossible to deduce that all buried bodies have hair turning red, like a real redhead, over time. Brooks said her investigation showed that dating free internet Santa Ana of the bones were from cows, not giants.

Because it would disprove evolution?

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So their pursuers filled the entrance to the cave with brush that was set on fire in a bid to force the giants to come out. Ridiculous reasoning to back up ridiculous theories. This is how myths starts, sorry.

So apparently, people who witnessed these things or had the stories passed down were just too stupid to realize they were talking about? Think for a sec… canibalistic red haired giant pypeadal animals surviving in who knows how many caves, how many are left in them one word, Gigantopythycs.

But our government would never lie or double date ideas Elk Grove CA anything from the people would they. Please send some pictures and if possible a small sample of the skull so I can do testing date native Laredo man gmail.

There are too many tales of red haired giants all around the world not to have some truth to it. Lockport Nevada dating from various animals was found in the coprolites. The fact that drives this is the ritualistic burial, after the fire, that tells us that not all of them were killed. The Paiutes, a Native-American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, described the Si-Te-Cah as a vicious, unapproachable people that killed and ate their captives, and told early settlers that after years of warfare all the tribes in the area ed together to rid themselves of the giants.

Red-haired giant cannibals at lovelock cave? really?

But they concede the old myth has more appeal and, no matter what they say, will probably persist. But when he entered the cave he found nothing but tons of bat guano. Anthropologists say the story, while somewhat tamer, is still fascinating.

Someone says someone else said something etc. Not all Beaumont TX women dating men mummies were preserved.

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Are you a private seller or have a private collection. Right, the government hides evidence… or the evil Smithsonian does… Zzzz. The giants wove tules, a fibrous water plant, into rafts to navigate older dating online Waco TX reviews what remained of Lake Lahontan, so the story goes. As there were many bones found, they were recorded and witnessed to finding them 8. The giants that remained inside the cavern were asphyxiated.

But why are we trying to write off the red hair to postmortem soil conditions when the Paiute themselves describe their adversary as red-haired in life?

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There are also the European desert mummies found in Mongolia where archeologists actually have stated they were redhe. Humans supposedly started small and became big.

Lovelock cave

Even president Lincoln talked about the giants in this country. I live in the Philippines and this is a well known fact.

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If the mind is already closed, nothing has to change. FYI the bible talks about Giants! Free three Las Vegas Nevada NV sex Europeans in the area were known to have tourist displays and to create a lot of these myths. Nobi, You obviously have ancestors who were red headed giants, Northern Eurasian hunters who were aggressive, destructive, irrationally people who practiced cannibalism after the extinction of the Eurasian mammoth.