28-11-2013 - Vote your favourite maps! To improve the map pool we would like you, the community, to vote the maps you want to play.

You need to have at least one game played in #ctfpickup.

How it works:

Go to the following link and choose at least 7 maps out of the pool and generate your vote-code: Poll

Afterwards send a private message with your code to one of our bot instances such as "/msg pq-Orbb vote mappool "

Be careful, you can only vote once!

The poll is running for 7 days and the final results will be published once the poll expires.

02-06-2013 - We moved! We moved the channel from #playquake to #ctfpickup. Bots will work as usual.
Also, we're happy to welcome ani and winz as new pickups admins.
Let the games begin!

01-06-2013 - Bot updated! The bot was updated again. All changes for this and older version can be found > here <