Our General Map Pool
Spider Crossings, also known as "p9" is one of the most popular maps. Usual strategy is to have 2 attackers, 1 midfield player and 1 defender, who also helps in mid
Japanese Castles, also known as "p1" is a very popular fast-paced map, which is usually played with 2 defenders and 2 attackers
Ironworks, or "c7" is a small, high-speed map where it is incredible hard to carry a weak teammate. Positions normally are defender, home red, enemy red and high atack
Troubled Waters, or "c2" is a rail-heavy oldschool map. The defender usually assists the midfielder by railing in mid, so the two attackers can cross more easily
Shining Forces, or "p5" is an oldschool map with a lot of shafting. Capping is difficult, and can usually only be done with a good synchronous attack. Strategies include a 1-3 or a 2-2 lineup.
Pillbox is new to Quake Live. It's not as open as other CTF maps and is therefore played differently. 1 main def, 1 ra player and 2 off should work quite well on this map.
Courtyard, also known as "c10", has been changed in QuakeLive and is now actually playable. A base def and a high rail def try to defend vs three attackers.