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All games take place on German servers unless both team captains agree to play somewhere else.
Map Picking
The captains of each team decide via cointoss who picks first. Then the captains pick one map each.
For the decider map 4 maps are dropped alternating by the captains.
Everyone must record demos and make them available for admins if requested.
It is an immediate forfeit loss for the entire team if anyone fails to record demos at any point.
Please remember the intention of this draft is for fun and enjoyment.
Of course have a bit of fun/banter but please no excessive abuse towards other draft players.
If it is deemed to be too excessive then you will be removed from the whole tournament.
Time Wasting
If one team is late by more than 15 minutes, then an admin will likely award a forfeit win to the other team.
Please make sure you are on time.
Voice Comms
Voice comms must be used by all players who are competing in this draft.
A server is being provided by us. Channel and password will be handed to the team captains before the group stage starts.
If for whatever reason, a player can no longer participate in the tournament,
they can be replaced by another quake player who has so far not participated in the tournament
but this players rating can be no more than 15 higher rating.
Players who have signed up and checked in have priority. If none can be found, anybody else can hop in.