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General Infos

The draft is being played in a Cup-Mode. That is, we'll have a group stage where the 2 best teams can advance.
Afterwards a bracket stage follows which will lead to and end with the grand final. Each match is played best-of-3.

Teams will be generated based on the players rating. The best 16 players will become captains and split into each team.
All teams will get an IRC and a TeamSpeak channel to help them organising themselves. This will also help us to contact a certain team easier.

The progress of the tournament can be followed at BinaryBeast.
All matches will be reported there by the admin team.

How To
Roughly Schedule
13:00CET - 14:00CETCheck-In
14:00CET - 14:30CETTeam-Generation/Players-Finding
14:30CET - 15:45CETGroups Round 1
15:45CET - 17:00CETGroups Round 2
17:00CET - 18:15CETGroups Round 3
18:45CET - 20:00CETQuarter-Finals
20:00CET - 21:15CETSemi-Finals
21:15CET Bronze-Final/Grand-Final
Map Pool
Spider Crossings, also known as "p9" is one of the most popular maps. Usual strategy is to have 2 attackers, 1 midfield player and 1 defender, who also helps in mid
Japanese Castles, also known as "p1" is a very popular fast-paced map, which is usually played with 2 defenders and 2 attackers
Troubled Waters, or "c2" is a rail-heavy oldschool map. The defender usually assists the midfielder by railing in mid, so the two attackers can cross more easily
Shining Forces, or "p5" is an oldschool map with a lot of shafting. Capping is difficult, and can usually only be done with a good synchronous attack. Strategies include a 1-3 or a 2-2 lineup.
Courtyard, also known as "c10", has been changed in QuakeLive and is now actually playable. A base def and a high rail def try to defend vs three attackers.
Finnegans, also known as w3 was one of the most played maps back in Quake 3 and is still a great map. However, it needs some skills to compete on it ;-). As usual, 2-3 lineup works pretty good here as well.
Stonekeep is one of the first new CTF maps in Quake Live and is considered to big for 4on4. In 5on5 though, it is played with 2 defender and 3 attacker.
Infinity is a new map and good choice when you believe your team would be outclassed on old maps. On 5on5 this map can also be played with a 2-3 lineup.